The Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara was built to commemorate the 21 martyred Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment. The soldiers gave their life to protect Saragarhi Fort on September 12th 1897 in Waziristan. It was built by the Indian Army Authorities.

This memorial Gurudwara was established by Sir Charles Pevz (Lieutenant Governor of Punjab) during 1904. Every year, on 12th September, two separate gatherings are held here, a religious meeting in the morning and a gathering of ex-servicemen in the evening.

Saragarhi Sahib Memorial Gurudwara stands as a protected headstone, which has been constructed to pay honor to those Sikh soldiers, who sacrificed their lives in the flight against Pathans (Pathans are a group of people and is constitutes 60 Pashto language speaking tribes of Pakistan and Afghan). This Gurudwara is often called as Saragarhi memorial, as it tells the legend of Sikh courage in the battle of Saragarhi.

The Saragarhi memorial Gurudwara is encircled by many small and big cannons, which have the names of 21 courageous soldiers emblazoned on its walls. This wall was constructed by the Indian Army with the stones which were brought from the Saragarhi fort.