GURUDWARA SHRI PATSHAHI 6 DHAND is situated in the Dhand Village in Amritsar Distt. Its situated on the Amritsar – GURUDWARA BEED BABA BUDHA JI road.

Bhai Langaha Ji was one of the attendants who was the commander of 6th Paatshaahi SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI. Bhai Langaha Ji was a resident of village Dhand, Dhillon Kalan. When he grew old, he left the job of serving GURU SAHIB & started living in village Dhand. When he grew too old, one of his wishes was that during his last days, he should be able to meet GURU SAHIB for which he started spending most of his time remembering GURU SAHIB.

One day GURU SAHIB decided to go & visit one of his True Sikh who due to his old age could not come to meet him. So one day he came on his horse, met his Sikh & also gave him a blessing. Here was a Pippal tree with which GURU SAHIB JI tied his horse. Relating this place to GURU SAHIB’s visit, a GURUDWARA has been built.

This GURUDWARA is also known by the name of GURUDWARA PIPPAL SAHIB, 6th Paatshaahi. At this place, GURU SAHIB JI gave a blessing to Bhai Langaha Ji & people of the village.