Gurudwara Sri Sanh Sahib is situated in the Basarke Village of Amritsar district. Guru Amar Das ji was named next Guru by Guru Angad Dev ji, datu ji son of Guru Angad Dev ji feeling jealous by this for not being appointed Guru, forced Guru Amar Das ji to leave Goindwal Sahib, Guru Amar Das ji being the humble person, returned to his family Village of Basarke. Here Guru Sahib shut himself up in a small hut with a note on the door, “he who opens this door is no sikh of mine, nor i am his Guru.'” when a delegation of sikhs lead by Baba Budha ji found the hut they were perplexed as what to do. Finally Baba Budha ji decided to make a hole in the wall so as not to go against the Guru Sahib’s instructions. Once inside they pleaded with the Guru to return to Goindwal Sahib as only he was their true beloved Guru and the sikhs could not live without him. Guru Amar Das ji finally relented and returned with the sikhs. The hole in the wall is still preserved today inside the Gurudwara Sahib. Gurudwara Sahib is situated on the Amritsar chaubal road.

Gurudwara Sri Sanh Sahib, Basarke Gillan, is also outside the Village Basarke Gillan, 200 metres to the northeast of it. It marks the room where, according to tradition, Guru Amar Das coming from Goindval had shut himself, because Datu, the son of Guru Angad, had objected to his succeeding his father as Guru. Before the Guru sat down in solitary meditation, he had hung a notice at its locked door saying that anyone who opened the door would earn his displeasure.

When Baba Buddha, leading a sangat anxious to see the Guru, came and saw the notice, he entered through a sannh, lit. hole in the wall as made by burglars, from the rear, and, apologizing for the act, entreated the Guru not to hide himself from the sangat, his followers and devotees. Guru Amar Das, amused at Baba Buddha`s stratagem, returned with him to Goindval. The room with the wall broken through was preserved as such by Sikhs as a consecrated place of pilgrimage. Sardar Lahina Singh Majithia (d. 1854) converted it into a proper gurdwara.

The present complex spreading over six acres including a congregation hall with its pinnacled dome over the sanctum, Sarovar. Guru ka Langar, residential accommodation and parks, was constructed by Baba Kharak Singh Sevavale during the 1950`s. The Gurdwara is managed by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. An annual fair is held on the fullmoon day of Bhadon (September) to mark the death anniversary of Guru Amar Das. Samadh Bibi Amaro di, near the Village pond north of the Village, is a memorial to Bibi Amaro, daughter of Guru Angad who was married to Guru Amar Das`s nephew. It was through her that Guru Amar Das became acquainted with the sayings of the Gurus which led him to the presence of Guru Angad at Khadur.