The magnificent building of St.Paul’s Church situated on Court Road, Amritsar,is one of the oldest churches of the Diocese of Amritsar.

The foundation stone of St. Paul’s Church was laid on 24th May 1852. First time the place was used for worship on the Christmas day of 1853. The church was consecrated on 17th Jan.1857 by the Bishop of Madras of the then-Church of England in India. At that time it was in the Diocese of Lahore. But after the partition of India and Pakistan the birth of the Diocese of Amritsar took place in 1953 as part of The Church of India, Burma, Pakistan and Cylone . Later it joined The Church of North India when it was formed in1970. St. Paul’s Church has been althrough one of the main urban churches.

The longest serving pastor of St. Paul’s Church since then was Rev. Cpt. John Wade who served the Church as an honorary pastor for 48 long years from 1953 to 2001. At present there are Rev. Udai Singh as the Presbyter-in –charge and Rev. Lily Samantaroy serving as pastors of the Church under the Bishopric of Rt.Rev.P.K.Samantaroy.

Amritsar being a tourist centre, for being the Holy city of the Sikhs, attracts many national and international tourists, many of whom also visit the Church.

Placed in a campus with lot of open space and greenery the Church has special attraction for the worshipers and visitors.

During Christmas, when the Church is illuminated and decorated, thousands of people throng the Church and join the worship.

Many young couples want to marry in this Church because of its aesthetic beauty and lovely campus.
Every year on the Palm Sunday starts a Peace March which is unique in Amritsar. Almost 7000 people join in this procession which is a great sight to behold. The procession ends at St. Paul’s Church where feeding of these 7000 people is organized.