The Historical Banyan Tree (Shaheedi Bohr) is located just outside the picturesque Ram Bagh garden situated at Amritsar. When in Amritsar, one can easily travel to Ram Bagh where it is better known by the locals as Company Bagh. The Historical Banyan Tree (Shaheedi Bohr), is a reminiscent of British tyranny meted out on Indians during their rule here.

This huge tree with lush green canopy and wide girth is located along northern boundary of the Ram Bagh. This place has an important place in the history of the holy city of Amritsar. In 1871, four members of the Namdhari community objected to hawking of beef nearby the Golden Temple. These four individuals were first arrested and convicted of revolting.

All four Namdhari were hanged from this tree by the British Government in the same year. A memorial dedicated to these four members of Namdhari community has been erected near this historical tree and is known by the name Namdhari Shaheedi Samark.