Amritsar has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April – July) and cold in winter (December – January).


summerThe summer season of Amritsar starts from the month of April and lasts until July. Similar to the other northern cities of India, summers are very hot and dry here. During the peak time, the temperature level could rise up to 45o and above, making it a perspiring one. Though the nights may bring in some relief from the soaring day temperature, summers, in general, are extremely hot. It is advisable to carry light cotton cloths during your visit to the Amritsar city in summer days.


winterThe winter season of Amritsar begins with the month of November and continues until March. The city experiences extremely cold, chilly winters, with the temperature falling down to 4 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature recorded was -2.6 degree CelsiusĀ in the year 2005. It is advisable to carry heavy woolens along with you while your visit this holy city during the winter season.


monsoonJuly marks the onset of the monsoon season in Amritsar. The city is situated on an altitude of 218 m above sea level, and thus experiences moderate rainfall. It bears an average rainfall of 790 mm yearly. The city has an average humidity level. The weather of Amritsar is the pleasing during the rainy season, which lasts until the month of September. You can enjoy the beauty and spirit of this historic city during this time.